SUBJECTS Offered in Pre Primary:

English, Hindi and Math

SUBJECTS Offered in Primary:

English , Hindi, Math, EVS ( Grade 1 to 3) Science and Social studies ( Grade 4 and Grade 5)


Teaching at the pre-primary level is activity oriented , theme based and more of oral teaching is promoted and stressed at. There is great emphasis on the teaching of phonics and reading.

Talking is fundamental to a student’s learning. They are encouraged to talk clearly, confidently and with expression in order to communicate ideas and feelings. Similarly important is the need to listen to others and respond appropriately. All students are provided with opportunities in all areas of the curriculum to develop skills in speaking and listening.


There are no formal assessments for the Pre-Primary section.

There is no formal examination for classes I and II. The teacher evaluates the students through continuous and comprehensive evaluation [CCE]. The testing can be done simultaneously while teaching or separately.
The assessment programme in classes III, IV and V spreads over two terms during one Academic Session.

First Term includes Formative Assessment 1st (Pen-Paper Test), Formative Assessment 2nd( activity oriented) and Summative Assessment 1st (Pen-Paper Test). The duration of the First Term is from 1st April to 30th September in an Academic Session.

Second Term includes Formative Assessment 3rd (Pen-Paper Test), Formative Assessment 4th
(activity oriented)and Summative Assessment 2nd (Pen-Paper Test). The duration of the Second Term is from 1st October to 31st March in an Academic Session.

EduSports at Primary Section:

In our endeavour to provide holistic education , Sangam has partnered with EduSports India’s premier school sports enterprise to bring a structured physical education and sports program as a part of the curriculum. EduSports uses structured physical activity and sports as a pedagogical tool for developing mental skills, behavioral skills, and physical conditioning in the children along with age-appropriate props and equipments to conduct the activities workshops\ interactions with parents Feedback on performance of the children on different physical and behavioral skills.