Sangam School of Excellence is organizing three days workshop on Career Development & Planning for grade 9 to 12 from 28 to 30 Jan 2016 in association with Mindler, a venture under Taxmann Publications Pvt Ltd. This power-packed workshop aims to empower students to understand career planning, decision making and most importantly tools to combat competitive exam monsters.

After this rigorous training, students will be equipped to take a firm decision for their career making. Right from choosing suitable stream, searching right course and college to preparation of the competitive exams, to finally getting admission into the top-notch colleges, students will have the road map to ensure a successful future. For this, Mr Prikshit Dhanda, a renowned education counsellor, would conduct the workshop. For more details about Mr Prikshit Dhanda click

28 Jan 2016                                        Day 1

8.40am -10.30 am Career Development  & Planning
10.30am -10.55 am Breakfast
11am -2 pm Group Discussion- Live
2 pm-2.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm-4.30 pm Career Advisory Session
4.30 pm-5 pm Snacks
5 pm to 6 pm Session on career planning with select students and their parents

29 Jan 2016                                        Day 2

8.40am -10.00 am Interview techniques
10.30am -10.55 am Breakfast
11am -12.30pm General Awareness
12.30 pm- 2 pm Vocab Building techniques
2 pm-2.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm-4.30 pm “Know your personality”  for teachers
4.30 pm-4.45 pm Snacks
4.45 pm to 6 pm Session with Hostellers

30 Jan 2016                                         Day 3

8.40 am – 9.15 am What is after 10th?
9.15- 10 am Q & A Session and closing